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Developmental disorders such as autism or Asperger's is unique to an individual that calls for special care and autism therapy services designed for meeting the specific needs of the people concerned. Adults with autism and Asperger's often suffer from medical conditions such as seizures, social interaction anxiety, unusual repetitive behaviour, communication and learning disabilities, sleep disorder, and many other symptoms.

The challenge in delivering therapy for Aspergers and autism is to cater to their needs and help them cope with their difficulties with dedicated care and attention. This is where residential and supported living services can help. With professional autism therapy and specialised Asperger's services, Sequence Care Group has extensive experience in addressing these conditions and treating them with positive behaviour support. We are well equipped with trained professionals who are dedicated to using their expertise and knowledge for improving the behavioural patterns and attention span of the patients.

Signs and symptoms

  • Although the people with autism and Asperger's generally have normal to above-average intelligence, they often find it challenging to put up with social communication.
  • Noticeable lack of reaction or empathy.
  • Inappropriate sentence construction when speaking or writing.
  • Tendency to repeat a particular action over and over again.
  • Sudden outbursts of emotions which may be disruptive or physically aggressive.

Benefits of supported living

  • Autism and Asperger’s specialists are available for round-the-clock support and work closely with the affected adults and their families.
  • We ensure our services are quality assured as we persistently monitor the quality of services and strive to improve them.
  • We believe in transparency when providing detailed reports of our service users. Our protection plans are customised as per the specific needs of the individual.
  • Our therapeutic intervention activities include communication and learning, interaction with peers, play skills, daily living and motor skills, speech training, cognitive behavioural therapy and much more. Therapy for Aspergers and autism sessions are recorded on the basis of an individual's care plan for implementing it effectively in the future.
  • There is a dedicated therapy team who is trained to cater to the complex requirements of our special friends.       

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