Supported living facilities in London

We are experienced at providing the right specialist for each individual. The people we support have a wide range of needs including those with learning disabilities, mental health needs, autism and Asperger's and these complex needs require a specialist and tailored approach.


People with learning disabilities in London and elsewhere

We understand that each person's learning disability is unique to them and therefore requires an individual approach. From the point of referral, through to placement, and beyond, our focus is on ensuring each person is respected as an individual and is placed at the centre of our therapeutic approach.

People with mental health needs

We support people with complex mental health requirements who also often have some form of learning or development need. One of the challenges in supporting people with a mental health need is maintaining stability in their health and avoiding fluctuating circumstances.

People with autism and Asperger‘s

We recognise that people with Autism or Asperger's require a focused service with a specialist knowledge due to their specific needs. We place huge consideration on important elements like the nature and layout of any environment, noise levels and general sensory stimulus, as well as peer group, communication method, and the structure and pattern of each day.


People with complex behaviours

We are a specialist provider of therapeutic care to people with complex needs, which often manifest themselves through behaviours that are challenging. Although these behaviours can be challenging to the individual, their peers, their family or their supporting staff, we recognise that every behaviour is a form of communication and an expression of an individual's need or personality.

People with complex health care needs

Within our services we support people who have a range of complex health needs. These are identified through referral and assessment where we consider carefully how we can meet the person's specific needs.