You will take personal responsibility for managing your career with support from your Manager. Through using assessments and receiving feedback about your work you will create an effective development plan to support your career aspirations with us. The Skills and Development Framework is our way of helping you to identify your strengths and provide you with a guide on standards that are expected.

Your annual appraisal with your Manager or Team Leader will build upon your regular supervisions which will be based on the behaviours which we value which are:

  • A service-user focus
  • An ability to adapt to change
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication and Influencing skills
  • A preference for action
  • Planning and Organising
  • Your business knowledge and professionalism
  • Your team-working skills
  • Your decision-making and judgment

Supervisions which will be based on the behaviour’s and attitudes we value, which are:

We believe that regular Supervisions with your Manager where you receive appropriate guidance, support and information through a structured approach that links to a ‘Person Centred Approach’ is good for you and good for us!

We provide protected time for you and your Manager to have quality discussions to support you to support the service users that you work with.


Our annual appraisals build-upon the regular supervisions that you have with your manager. Our Appraisals are not a one-way conversation but a two-way dialogue about how the Company can develop you to help you achieve your potential.

We use a Skills and Development Framework to behaviours and attitudes that we value.