Individuals with Autistic Spectrum Conditions often find it difficult to understand the world around them, social interactions and communication. These difficulties are referred to as the triad of impairments, which are difficulties with:

  • Social and emotional engagement
  • Language and communication
  • Flexibility of thought/imagination

Individuals with Autism may also display restricted or repetitive patterns of behaviour, as well as restricted thoughts, or interests. They may be over or under sensitive to sounds, lights, smells, touch or colour and can struggle with communication. There is a high incidence of Learning Disabilities and Mental Health needs amongst individuals with Autism. This adds a further complex layer to supporting people with Autism because of an individual’s possible difficulties with language, communication and behaviour and mixed diagnosis. Our staff receive comprehensive and continued training to enhance their experience and knowledge. We help to ensure people recognise that while each individual’s needs are unique, they require a structured routine and a consistent planned approach. This ensures people receive support that is stable, predictable and reliable, which in turn supports their ability to cope with the anxiety they feel about the changing world around them. Our staff have supported individuals to achieve a greater understanding of the world around them and to increase their engagement and ability to socialise with others. We are committed to delivering the right support to increase a person’s quality of life and develop their skills to gain greater independence.