What people say about Sequence Care

“nice to see my client so happy”

“It is really nice to see my client so happy, please thank your team for their support.”
– Senior Practitioner

“clients are walking around with smiles on their faces”

“It says a lot about the service when the clients are walking around with smiles on their faces and looking forward to their day. A happy service ensures that good quality care is being delivered.”
– Family Member

“I know the staff care about me”

“Thank you for my flat, I am happy you all look after me and make me feel safe and I know the staff care about me”.
– Service user

“This is the best care provider”

“This is the best care provider I have ever had. The staff support me to go out into the community and make me feel included and I have never had this before”.
– Service user

“Thank you to the staff”

“Thank you to the staff for the support they have given my daughter, she has made great improvements since her admission and this is the first placement my daughter has resided in where the staff team keep me fully informed”.
– Parent

“care and support”

“Thank you to the team for the care and support provided to my client enabling her rehabilitation from hospital into a community health care service and for respecting her culture and lifestyle”.
– Care Manager

“Very impressed with the service”

“Very impressed with the service, it’s lovely! and they are taking good care of my client”.
– Doctor

“approach to the clients”

“I was very impressed with the philosophy and approach to the clients”
– Community Nurse

“I am kept informed”

“I like the way I am kept informed by the staff as to my sister’s care/mood.”
– Relative

“you are always so courteous”

“Thank you, you are always so courteous and it is very much appreciated”
– Administrator

“well decorated and modern”

“I was impressed by the quality of the environment; they are well decorated and modern.”
– Care Manager

“pleased with the care”

“I have been very pleased with the care. I’ve noticed improvements already!”
– Social Worker

“Care Programme approach”

“I was very impressed with their Care Programme approach.”
– Community Nurse

“The staff listen to me”
– Service user

“the staff are approachable”

“The atmosphere within the service is warm and friendly and the staff are approachable. They also answered all of our queries regarding the services they provide.”
– Parent

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