Ivy Mews is a service providing six bespoke one-bedroom flats, ideal for skill-building and specialist support towards moving on to greater independence.

This service specialises in referrals for people requiring learning disability, autism and mental health support, who may have associated challenging behaviour, misuse substances and/or have complex needs.

Service users are referred to Ivy Mews to benefit from a specialist rehabilitation service with outcome-focused care pathways which support progression towards step-down residential services. They may be detained under the Mental Health Act, under sections 2, 3, 37 or 37/41, or may have been granted conditional or discharge from section.

Service users are aged between 20 and 40 years

The flats are purpose-built and constructed to provide a homely yet safe environment for service users with challenging needs to build their independence skills with support from highly-trained staff.

All of the self-contained flats have a first floor bedroom fully furnished with separate bathrooms, downstairs they have their own lounge and kitchen/ diner facilities which provide service users with a rehabilitative environment.

The garden and outdoor activity room offer additional communal space and opportunities for skill building.

Ivy Mews offers people a chance to experience what it is like to be in their own flat in a secure and safe environment. It ensures that people are able to build coping mechanism and daily living skills that they will need when they move on. It also allows those that need a one person service because of their complex needs to do so safely, with the backup of additional staff on site when required.

The team at Ivy Mews includes a Responsible Clinician, GP, Nurses, Speech and Language Therapist and Assistant, Occupational Therapist and Assistant and Psychology Support Assistant and Support Workers.

The specialist multi-disciplinary care team support service users through the transition of moving into the service and provide ongoing assessment, intervention and support where required. They are ambitious about the outcomes that service users can achieve and work hard to provide opportunities for greater skill building, community participation and a move on to greater independence.

We Ensure:

Focused Outcomes: A Care Programme Approach and outcome-focused care pathways, to ensure that people are supported to move on to greater independence

Skilled staff: Experienced, highly trained, thoughtful and compassionate staff

Quality assurance: A focus on clinical governance, quality assurance, transparent safe guarding processes and continual improvement

Excellent communication: Partnership working with local commissioners to repatriate people nearer to their homes and families, offering high quality, cost efficient services


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