We offer a range of Transition services to support individuals to move from Young people’s services to specialist residential support.

Young people moving on from residential children’s and young people’s services require a robust setting in order to build their coping mechanisms and the self help skills needed for adult life in a safe and nurturing environment.

Many individuals have high risk behaviours that are a challenge to support in a community setting. We therefore ensure we balance positive risk taking with education and therapeutic support to ensure boundaries are understood and risk assessment and management becomes part of the individual’s skill building journey.

We also support individuals to manage the transition from hospital services to community placements. Individuals moving on from hospital settings with higher levels of support may have been disempowered by the institutional setting they have been in and require robust, safe and nurturing environments to develop their coping mechanisms and life skills.

Our services are fitted and finished to a very high standard and many bedrooms are studio sized, all with en-suites. We have communal kitchens, lounges and dining areas which build a sense of community between service users and ensure that a homely environment is maintained.

Our services provide support in the heart of the community for local people to ensure individuals remain very close to their circle of support. Their families and placing authority are usually within 20 minutes travel time of the service. This enables loved ones and involved professionals to continually input into the package of support and shape the service we provide.

Our services use a modular approach so that individuals can learn the skills they need at their own pace and focus on the elements that are most important to them. We work hard with individuals to build their understanding of social interaction and coping mechanisms for their own anxieties. We empower them to make positive decisions for themselves that balance risk and support them to take on new challenges.

Our Transition services are focussed on a clear skills building Care Pathway for each individual. This is clearly established during our assessment and initial time working with the individual and sets out the skills, goals and outcomes they would like to achieve, and the timescales for these achievements. We monitor the progress of people we support regularly and adapt their care plans to reflect their progress and achievement.