Outcome Focused Services

Our support planning is focused on listening to what the person has to say and putting them at the centre of their support. We develop Service users Care Pathway ensuring we understand their needs, whilst supporting individuals to achieve their positive goals. This Outcome Focused Care Pathway ensures greater community participation and skills enhancing opportunities. This enables the service users to move on to less restrictive environments and greater independence in the future..

  1. We listen to the service users, their families and involved professionals, about their experience of the service and we take action to continually improve this.
  2. Our Framework for Quality Assurance ensures that we can continue to evaluate our practices and services in order to develop and improve.
  3. Our Safeguarding Framework ensures open, honest, transparent reporting, immediate production of Protection Plans and learning from incidents. Actions are taken in a timely way and transferred across all our services, training is delivered and services are improved.
  4. We use and document evidence based clinical and therapeutic interventions to support an individual’s development and focus on skill building through meaningful activity.
  5. Our in-house Multi-Disciplinary Team ensure assessment, treatment and interventions are appropriate and meet people’s needs, ensuring positive goals are reached, greater skill building, and a quicker move on to greater independence. Our average length of stay continues to decrease and is now between 18 – 12 months in our Community Hospitals.
  6. The Multi-Disciplinary team support staff to enhance their skills, consider innovative practices and develop their knowledge. Coupled with excellent training and development, this results in an experienced and committed staff team.
  7. We have developed our own service user’s Skills Building Framework and Care Pathway model to provide structured goals and measurable outcomes.
  8. We provide a real community based pathway, with our community based hospitals and high quality residential placements for service users to move on to, ensuring continuity in care and support within a 20 minute journey time of families and Care Managers.
  9. Our Outcome Focused Care Pathway ensured 92% of people moving on from our hospitals moved to less restrictive services with greater independence.

This year we will be working to continue to improve the experience our service users have both in our community rehabilitation hospitals and in the specialist residential and transition services we provide.

We will have a focus on the feedback from our perspective people below:

  • Service users survey
  • Staff survey
  • Families and Care Managers survey

Following our feedbacks we will develop action plans at unit and organisational levels and implement changes and  support on-going improvements to continue providing the expertise care we provide for our service users.

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