Our Winterbourne Response Statement

On: July 21st, 2015 | In: News

Sequence Care Group confirm:

  • We are committed to providing excellent quality care across all our health and social care services and the care pathway from hospital to least restrictive specialist residential services.
  • We have Service Support Managers and Key individuals within the organisation and Board who ensure the organisation pays proper regard to quality, safety and clinical governance and in turn we provide strong leadership, to develop the right cultures that respect and value the people in our care.
  • We use safe recruitment practices that select people who value working with people with learning disabilities, autism mental health needs and behaviour that is complex or challenges. People with the right attitude and behaviours, experience and knowledge are selected and thorough checks of the staffs experience and history are completed, using best practice guidance.
  • We have appropriately trained and qualified staff, with the right supervision to support the people in our care. We ensure that the sequence competency framework values the skills, attitudes and behaviour of staff and sign posts staff to the learning and development framework where further learning opportunities are provided.
  • We have transparent policy and procedures and systems that support staff to understand the frame works they must work within with a strong emphasis on safe guarding and reporting. We ensure raising concerns and challenging others practice is part of our transparent and open culture.
  • We have developed comprehensive systems that are in place to provide assurance of a quality service delivery, that it is transparent and understood by services users, families, Local authorities, and the public. The quality of service delivery is regularly reviewed by the organisation ensuring continuous improvements and that essential requirements are being met.
  • We continue to provide Specialist residential services in the heart of the local community for local people within 20 minutes of their family and placing authorities.
  • We are committed to an outcome-focused care pathway that sees 92% of service users move on from our hospitals to our Specialist Residential services and greater independence.
  • We support the reduction of challenging and complex behaviour and ensure very low relapse rates, through clinical and therapeutic interventions and positive behavioural support.
  • Our in-house dedicated multi-disciplinary approach is key to the outstanding progress our service users make and is why they achieve great outcomes.
  • Average length of stay (LoS) in our community hospitals is decreasing. In 2015 the average LoS for all discharged service users has been 13 month. We continue to focus on reducing this and providing the care pathway to our specialist residential services.

For further information or to discuss our services please contact 01992 785460 or email enquiries@sequencecaregroup.co.uk