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Since 2000 I have moved around a lot. I was in my own supported flat, nursing homes and hospitals where I was on Section 3, before moving into community hospital.

Community Hospital

I was at community hospital for 2-3 years, when I first went to community hospital I was still very angry and upset. I would break things around the unit and hit out at staff and other Service Users.

One time the staff had to call the police because I was so angry and lost my temper. Staff worked with me and over time I started to calm and settle in mood.

When I first went to community hospital I needed support to do my laundry and room management and I was not able to do any cooking for myself. I was then on Section 3 and was only able to go out in the community 2 times a week with support from staff on a 1:1.

By the time I left community hospital, staff had worked with me and I could do my own laundry and room management without staff support.

Residential Service

When I first went to residential service I loved my room and was happy with the staff as they made me feel welcome and safe.

In the first few months I started to go to Harlow College and went with staff support, but towards the end of the year I was able to go and come back on my own.

The second year at residential service I went with staff and enrolled at Enfield College to learn how to cook for myself. After a couple of months at college staff started to support me in the kitchen to help me cook my own meals and to clean the kitchen down after I used it.

I now go out in the community without any staff support and now go to and from college on my own and also go out to do my own personal shopping. I have also been on holiday while at residential service and been doing lots of activities and I am now moving on into supported living.